Homeownership in Dubai

Shifting Sands of Dubai’s Rental Market: A Comprehensive Guide to Rising and Falling Rates for Apartments and Villas

Dubai, the city of gold, is witnessing a golden shift in its real estate landscape. As rental prices continue to climb, an increasing number of residents are choosing to invest in their own homes. This trend, observed throughout the first half of 2023, is reshaping the city's property market. Dubai's high-end neighborhoods have seen a significant surge in rental rates, driven by a noticeable...

Mortgage Guide in Dubai: Partnering with KeyRate Mortgage

In the heart of the Middle East's largest metropolitan, the real estate market of Dubai continues to flourish. Whether you're a UAE resident, non-resident, or an investor seeking to make Dubai your next investment frontier, you need a trusted companion to guide you. Altitude Real Estate, your trusted partner in Dubai's bustling property market, is here to provide you with all the information you need to...

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