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Your on-call independent broker

You may be buying your first home in Dubai, or you may be planning on moving into a new property in a different area. Why not consult one of our dedicated mortgage advisors? Not only are they fully qualified and highly experienced in assisting residents and expats find suitable solutions, but they can also guide you through the full process so you don’t miss a step.

Asa reputable real estate agency, we have a good relationship with many banks and lenders. Let us know what you’re looking for, and our advisors will do their absolute best to advise and support you in securing your dream home.

Securing financing can be a complex process. If it’s your first time investing in the UAE real estate market, having an experienced mortgage advisor by your side is a must.


Need financing? This is why you should use a mortgage broker.

Expert advice

They will explain the buying process in depth, from fees and timescales to how much you can borrow and walk you through the application step by step.

Better rates

They will find you the best deal in the market and obtain the best bank rates for your to consider. The best brokers will take the time to explain how you can reduce the amount of cash required by (legally) loading fees onto the mortgage.

Financing pre-approval support

A broker will take care of the entire purchase journey for you, removing the time and complexities of securing a mortgage.

Faster process

Get financed faster. Using a mortgage broker can fast track processing times.

Your on-call independent broker

You'll get access to specialised market and financing knowledge, exclusive rates, and step-by-step support spanning the buying process, fees, timescales and borrowing limits.

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