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We have created a simple step-by-step sellers guide to selling an apartment or villa in Dubai for the first time to ease the process and put your mind at rest.

Sellers Guide:

When seeking an agent for selling your Dubai property, trust is key. Your ideal partner should be well-versed in the region’s real estate landscape, knowledgeable about current market prices, and serve as a guide for sellers, providing tailored advice. Open dialogue is crucial, ensuring you feel heard throughout the process.

Selling a property in Dubai can be tricky – make sure your price is achievable and realistic by doing some research. Take advantage of monthly market updates to ensure you know what similar properties are selling for in both your area, as well as other areas nearby. Property portals provide comprehensive information so don’t forget to use this tool when gauging whether or not your expectations line up with reality!

Experience the assurance of working with a single Dubai realtor who is dedicated to representing your property in an consistent, uniform manner. This prevents unwelcome surprises such as discrepancies between pricing and other marketing materials that can occur when using multiple brokers.

Maximize the impact of your property’s presentation at every stage in its journey to market. At Altitude, we make sure that attention is paid to details such as decluttering and addressing any snagging issues prior; creating a highly presentable space for potential buyers. We invest significantly into marketing resources – taking professional photographs and constructing 3D tours or video production services which are then highlighted on our social media channels. Additionally, dedicated team call-outs, emails and SMS communications further drive awareness among prospective purchasers.

Show your property off in the best light with the help of our experienced brokers! Let us know what makes this home special to you—perhaps it’s a stunning balcony view at sunset, or sipping coffee amidst an awakening garden. Our knowledgeable team can deliver these highlights and aware potential buyers of features they may have missed themselves.

The Agreement of Sale is an integral part in the process towards acquiring your dream home. Your broker will guide you through this to ensure all requirements and responsibilities are clear, so both parties can proceed with confidence. Subsequently, a Unified Form F must be generated via the DLD REST App by your broker; it serves as evidence of contract registration with Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Our in-house sales progression team is dedicated to providing a seamless experience when you decide to sell. With extensive knowledge and expertise, they will coordinate between all parties involved – such as the seller, buyer, developer and banks – during each step of the process from gaining an NOC Certificate until completion. Furthermore their proactive approach ensures that documents are checked for accuracy before initiating so any potential delays can be avoided with ease.

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