Top Real Estate Companies in Dubai

Dubai has established itself as a global economic and social hub, transforming from a desert landscape to a thriving metropolitan center. Its staggering growth has attracted people worldwide looking for residence and business opportunities. Real estate companies are central to this transformation.

Top Real Estate Companies in Dubai:

  1. Binayah Real Estate Dubai – Founded in 2007, Binayah offers a comprehensive range of services including buying, selling, renting, investment, and development consultancy.
  2. FAM Properties – Since 2008, FAM has become one of Dubai’s largest real estate firms, with multiple branches across the city.
  3. Better Homes – A renowned name in residential and commercial listings, sales, and rentals.
  4. D & B Properties Dubai – Specializing in off-plan investments.
  5. Haus & Haus – Recognized since 2013 as a distinguished Real Estate Agency in Dubai.
  6. Altitude Real Estate – Established in 2020, Altitude is a premier luxury residential real estate brokerage with a 6% higher yield than non-managed leased residential units.
  7. Grovy Real Estate Development LLC – With 37 years in the industry, Grovy is known for luxury properties, meeting the highest standards of quality and luxury.

Number of Real Estate Companies in Dubai:

According to the last report by the Dubai Land Department, there are over 2,500 real estate companies in Dubai. This number is constantly changing as new companies are established.

Criteria for Opening a Real Estate Company:

To open a real estate company in Dubai, considerations should include acquiring relevant licenses from the Dubai Land Department, complying with local regulations, securing investments, and fulfilling legal prerequisites.

Historical Highlights:

Dubai’s real estate boom has been characterized by technological innovation and world-class architecture, transforming the city into a tropical paradise. Major real estate developers in the UAE have facilitated property investment in Dubai, providing attractive incentives.

The volume of Sales:

Dubai’s real estate brokers earned over AED 1.5 billion in 2016 from 32,932 transactions[3].

What Makes a Good Real Estate Company in Dubai?

  1. Comprehensive Services: Offering complete services, including buying, selling, renting, and consultancy.
  2. Client Commitment: Focus on quality and client satisfaction.
  3. Expertise: Strong local market expertise coupled with global reach.
  4. Innovation: Emphasis on technological advancement and innovation.
  5. Licensing: Proper licensing and certifications from the Dubai Land Department.


Dubai’s real estate market is a dynamic and essential part of the city’s economic prosperity. Companies like Binayah Real Estate, FAM Properties, Better Homes, Altitude Real Estate, and Grovy Real Estate Development stand out in this vibrant landscape. As the market continues to evolve, reflecting Dubai’s status as a global powerhouse, the opportunities for growth and investment are boundless. The guidance from leading companies ensures that navigating Dubai’s real estate market is both rewarding and fulfilling. Whether buying, renting, or investing, this guide can assist you in making an informed decision.

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